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New Growth & Development Flag

Saturday, December 23, 2017

     Throughout the beginning of civilized society, there has always been a flag to represent a governing body. 7Star General of Lifeless Immortal, V Dot Nam, has designed the official flag of Growth & Development. Instead of the 360 inside of the Star of David on the Gangsta Disciple, he added 720 degrees which represent Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding as well as Loyalty, Love, and Unity.
     Since 2006 during the Cut Throat dayz, Nam has put in work to empower the One Nation that patriotize all brothers and sisters of the struggle. The colors represent the concrete jungle while the stripes represent the number of Generals that founded the brotherhood. Even though Nam is not new to military structure, he is one of the architects that are truly loyal to the code of the divine brotherhood. For the ones that don't know, Growth & Development is not a gang, it is a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering the youth's minds in our communities worldwide.

War In Amerikkka

     The most epidemic mixtape in world history has finally been released. Mixed by DJ Vietnam, this project was created for logical being...

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